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  • Peep Behind the Scenes (version 2)
  • Peep Behind the Scenes (version 2)
    Mrs. O. F. Walton
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    Rosalie lived every child's dream: she belonged to a circus! She got to have fun all day, every day; she did not even have to pay to be a part of it all! She got to meet interesting people, see all the amazing things there are to see. She got to do as she liked and travel all over the world. Even some grown ups may think that sounds like a wonderful life! Wouldn't you? But let's take a peep behind the scenes and see what it is really like behind all the glamour, smiles, and laughter! Is it really as wonderful as it looks? Rosalie may have something else to say about it. Follow her as she learns all about the Good Shepherd and tells others about him; follow her through all the trials, difficulties, and struggles of a life in the circus.