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  • Keep-Well Stories for Little Folks
  • Keep-Well Stories for Little Folks
    May Farinholt Jones
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    "The child's mind dwells constantly in the realm of imagination; dry facts are too prosaic to enter this realm. The "Land of Story Books" is the most fascinating of all lands, and therefore the Author has endeavored to weave hygienic facts into stories that will appeal to the child's imagination. She believes the truths of hygienic living and habits in the stories will "creep up on the blind side," so to speak, and impress themselves upon the young mind." -from the Foreword

    This book was published in 1916, and therefore represents what was then known of the science of health and hygiene (and, of course, the social morés of the time). Listeners will find that, while some of these stories have not aged well, others reflect an accurate understanding of the body, and all have a certain charm.