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  • Religion and Health
  • Religion and Health
    James Joseph Walsh
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    In the introductory chapter and the one following we find the strong presentation of his thesis on the everlasting reality of religion. The chapter on Prayer, marked by absence of psychological speculation, treats practically of the naturalness and good sense of the constant habit of prayer, and of the value of prayer in all psychoneurosis....The chapter on the Bible and Health is of especial interest, with its argument that the sanitary laws of the Jews could have been no outcome of human development, but rather of Divine origin....The wide reading, extended experience, and specialized scholarship of the writer certify to the value of anything from his pen, and when we find a work of this kind as simple as a primer and as attractive as a story, we may well offer thanks for the boon. Nobody who values knowledge concerning the mysterious relation between holy living and bodily health should be without this book.