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  • Wild Nature Won by Kindness
  • Wild Nature Won by Kindness
    Elizabeth Brightwen
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    This is a delightful collection of stories about a few of the birds, puppies, ant-lions, spiders and other assorted bugs this lady either rescued or found and then observed carefully as they made their way to maturity. She is the most careful as well as compassionate observer of their tiny struggles to live and grow in the real world. Picking up abandoned bird chicks, digging for worms, turning over rocks, this amazing lady shows in every sentence that she loves the entire world of living creatures and then she has a knack of describing it plain language yet entertainingly. Ant-lions, butterflies, baby chicks, puppies, spiders, beetles, earwigs and even snails all fall under her descriptive spell. If you love animals and love to hear about the habits of even the tiniest of them, these short tales are tailor made for you.