Wit and Humor of America, The Vol 02



Jest Frank Reed's his real name—though
Boys all calls him "Ringworm Frank,"
'Cause he allus runs round so.—
No man can't tell where to bank
Frank'll be,
Next you see
Er hear of him!—Drat his melts!—
That man's allus somers else!
We're old pards.—But Frank he jest
Can't stay still!—Wuz prosper'n here,
But lit out on furder West
Somers on a ranch, last year:
Never heard
Nary a word
How he liked it, tel to-day,
Got this card, reads thisaway:—
"Dad-burn climate out here makes
Me homesick all Winter long,
And when Springtime comes, it takes
Two pee-wees to sing one song,—
One sings 'pee'
And the other one 'wee!'
Stay right where you air, old pard.—
Wisht I wuz this postal-card!"

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